[EN] Why I Do Not Use Threads

Recently, Zuckerberg launched a twitter-like application threads, which is likely to break the record of breaking 100 million people in a very short time, a record that was just broken by openAI couple of months ago. For a while, Zuckerberg and Musk were at loggerheads, but I don’t want to talk about that, and here’s why I don’t use threads.

Old story

I haven’t used Zuckerberg’s product more than ten years. I used to have a Facebook account and had a lot of fun on it. After a while, when I logged in again, I couldn’t log in and find that my account was someone else’s. I tried to reset my password, and after passing the email verification, I got stuck in the friend identification authentication. I was given a bunch of pictures of Indian people and told to find out which ones were my friends, but I don’t even have any Indian friends, much less Indian Facebook friends. I also spent a lot of time trying to contact facebook in various ways, but I couldn’t solve it.

To this day, that person (maybe a hacker) is still using my account and I still recieve emails from that account every now and then.

That’s when I stopped using Facebook products, which also affected my use of Instagram. I used to be a heavy Instagram user, but after the Facebook acquisition, I pretty much stopped using it and would only occasionally go up to look at old photos.

In short, I don’t trust Zuckerberg, forever.

Federal Universe

In addition to the talent of Zuckerberg’s ace social product, threads has an awesome weapon - the ActivityPub protocol. If threads can open this up as it promises, I don’t even need to have a threads account. I can use any product that supports the ActivityPub protocol to interact with users on threads, such as xcoder.

Lastly, I welcome threads to join the competition, but I’m determined not to use it.

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