[EN] Why I Created the Xcoder Community

You know, it’s been almost 7 years since I registered the domain name xcoder.org in 2016. I never knew what kind of product to make with this domain name until recently.

Twitter represents one of the shining gems of the Web 2.0 epoch, a platform I find myself engaging with on a near-daily basis. The compelling allure of Twitter resides in its ability to let global narratives flow unfettered, serving as a window to the pulse of the world. It dismantles traditional barriers to information, facilitating efficient information exchange in a way that’s both refreshing and powerful. Truly, the experience it offers is nothing short of extraordinary.

But now, everything has changed since Musk’s acquisition. It’s not the same Twitter that I once loved so much. The most significant thing I’ve ever said about Twitter.

Mastodon is a good app, but it’s not a replacement for Twitter. Mastodon is more for a group of people than for everyone on the planet. It takes a lot of effort to discover what’s in it than twitter. It really can’t make information flow as quickly and widely as twitter does.

So, why can’t I create a Mastodon node? This node serves the digital nomads working from the planet. They are developers, designers, creators, etc.

That’s xcoder.org

I’ve temporarily built this community with gotosocial, another kind of mastodon. If interested, feel free to visit xcoder.org and join in.

updated@20231125, I apologize for closing this community. There are many such communities available now. Instead, I will develop a client for such communities.

update@20231221, I reopen this community several days ago because I can’t change the data generated under this domain name to another domain name to continue using it. BTW, it seems Twitter is experiencing another downtime.

update@20240429, Sorry I closed this community again. This domain name Xcoder.org will be used on another project.

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